Perfecting Youth Session, widely known as PYS, is a series of inspirational and informative sessions that are designed especially for the upliftment of the youth.

These sessions are being attended by highly intellectual youngsters like Doctors, MBAs, CAs, Engineers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, etc. on a regular basis since they find these sessions very helpful not only in their personal lives but also in their professional lives as well.

Without any restriction to any religion or caste, these sessions have been proven to be fruitful to each and every individual because it primarily talks about ethics, morals, values and virtues of life which help you improve yourself.

Background of PYS:

PYS is a brain child of Gachchhadhipati Jain Acharya Shree JayghoshSuri Maharaja, who is the leader of 600+ jain saints of “Shree Prem-BhuvanbhanuSuriSamuday” and is being considered as a mobile library of jain scriptures and Shastras.

With the blessings of Gachchhadhipati Shree, the PYS sessions are being well conducted by Jain Acharya Shree UdayvallabhSuri Maharaja, who is not only an effective orator but also a popular writer and a learned Jain saint.

Acharya Shree UdayvallabhSuriji is well known to possess a special skill to explain something, with logical reasoning, in such a way that the audience cherish it for lifetime.

In a nut shell, Perfecting Youth Sessions are,

Transforming Ideas

Inspiring Youth

Here is the pys in snapshot: