PYS No. 102..!! 3rd March’2019 Sunday..!!

Topic – Art of Answering

To have an answer is Knowledge

To accept an answer is Wisdom

A surgical strike on unsaid queries

A logical explosion on hidden doubts

A platform where you can get not only answers but also answering ability as well

Venue – Gate No. 5, Beside Convention Centre, GMDC Ground, Near Helmet Circle, 132 Feet Ring Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.

Sambodhan by Founder of PYS..!!
Thunder of Youth..!! Wonder of Jinshaashan..!!

Bohu naani Umar ma ochha loko ne haath ma sattaa malti hoi chhe.

Eg of Ajmer, Independence pehla ni vaat.
Jaisingh – Rajkumar hataa.
Ae college ma bhanta hataa tyaa raja-rajwada na
In 1920s ma London javaanu thayu.
Tyaa ek showroom ma javaanu thayu. Ae showroom hatu Rolls Royce nu.
Shopkeeper ae nikli javaanu kahyu. You coloured fellow get lost. Aemne aaghaat laagyo.
Racism no anubhav badhaane thayo chhe.
White money & black money – Official is white money & unofficial is black money.
Why not other way round?
Developing & developed country. Jyaa superiority complex hoi tyaa aa hoi chhe.
To hate is our birth right. Aevu culture thai gayu chhe.

Eg of Gandhiji, his journey in Africa while studying law. How he was treated there with racism.
No entry for Dogs & blacks.
No entry for Dogs & Indians.

Eg of Poem:
United Nations had approved/acknowledged this poem. A black child had penned this poem after victimization of racism from whites.
When I was born I was black, when I grew up I was black, when I was ill I was black.
When you were born you were white, when you were angry you were red, when you were ill you turned pale/yellow & when you die you will turn blue.
And you differentiate on colour..!!

Eg of Jaisingh continued –
How he purchased Rolls Royce. How even Rolls Royce sell their car with status symbol. They don’t give it to anyone. They only sell it to whom they find eligible & suitable whether they’ll be able to maintain.

Raja Jaisingh offered single stroke payment for Rolls Royce.
He ordered all 7 together. Including shipping charges. Full cheque payment. Send it to Alwar, North Rajasthan near Delhi.

8320 square mile no Alwar no area hato. He sent message in Alwar to use Rolls Royce car for garbage collection.
This was the way he silently but powerfully answered the racist shopkeeper of Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce had apologised to Raja Jaisingh for earlier racist comments happened in their store.
He reminded them how he was criticised & he answered back in this pattern.

Answer karta answer ni pattern jordaar hati.
When it comes to 3 things no one keeps quiet.
1) Dignity
2) Authority
3) Security

1) Casual answer.

Eg of recent Airstrikes by IAF to destroy terrorist bases which was without touching militants, civilians.

Eg of Gurudev – aemni roj savaar Abhinandan thi j thaai chhe. His was in reference to Abhinandan Swami, Sion Derasar where he grew up in Sansaari life.
Other reference was to Wing Commander Abhinandan Vartaman who was 2 days back freed by Pakistan. How people should appreciate.
Badhaane toh hamna khabar padi value of Abhinandan.

Pathankot attack 2-3 years back, how it was attacked by terrorists of IAF.
The airbase is spread across 2000 acres. It is the biggest airbase of IAF.
When attacked by terrorists, only 2 security were able to fight back. 1 security was Shailesh Gour.
Baaki badha unghta jadpaayela.
He single handedly fought back till the time other troops & took situation under control.

2) Calculative answer.

Eg of a small boy – when Gurudev asked – he was just 8-9 years old.
Tu moto thai ne Diksha lais ke Diksha lai ne moto thais.
That kid calculatively answered – Hu moto thai ne jawaab aapis

Eg of Naana Maharaj – when he was about to take Diksha. Ek Derasar ma Pooja karta hataa. Someone asked him you are small, why do you want to take Diksha.
He answered as Sansaar ma kaai nathi, Sansaar asaar chhe. The person replied it is not your answer, you have heard from someone & then answering. You should spend sansaari life then only you can come to know & then decide when you are big whether to take Diksha or not.
Naana Maharaj retorted back you are already grown up then why don’t you think about Diksha & still in sansaari life inspite of knowing sins associated with such life.

Eg of Daulatram, rasoiyo.
Diwali no time chhe.
Don’t take any decision when HALT.
When you are hungry, angry, lonely & tired.
Seth asked him to leave immediately & also asked all family members that he shouldn’t be seen from tomorrow.
Daulatram pleaded to keep him, Seth thought it was for Diwali bonus he is pleading.
On day of Laxmi Puja, when as per tradition & culture Laxmi Mata is worshipped so that she blesses with wealth as known as Goddess of Wealth.
So Daulatram took this opportunity & asked Seth, Daulat reh ke jaai. Daulat in other words means money which everyone wants to lead life & to enjoy luxuries.
Finally Seth allowed him to stay.

Eg of student & teacher.
Rockfeller. Write an example of a promissory note on board.
Mr Rockfeller promises to give 1 lakh dollar donation to the institute. Rockfeller ae tarat cheque aapyo.

Aa answer tamne victory, achievement, post apaavi sha ke.

Dum ane time ma farak chhe.
Example of Gayle & Dravid Pujara.
Not always you need to be aggressive, you need to be calculative as well.
Always run scoring is not important but spending time on crease is also important, as runs will be slowly & steadily scored but for that wicket needs to be preserved/saved.

3) Confronting answer.

Eg of Rajat Sharma.
Debate ma confrontation hoi chhe.
Eg of Shaashan Sparshna Shibir in Paansar, between students. Healthy debates.
Some topics discussed –

Should reservation be there in education or not?

Eg of marriage v/s live in relationship?

Eg of Maatla v/s baatla.

Eg of pen v/s pencil.

Art of confronting answer. You need to have skill to enter in confronting answer.

Should you go in business sector v/s service sector?

95% people are in service sector that is because remaining 5% people are in business sector.

Aaje tamne tamaara points raju karva malya kyaare business sector ae donation aapyu Shibir maate.

4) Confusing answer.
It seems very simple yet very confusing.
There are 160 cups on a table. If 2 breaks then how many remain? Ans – 14.
16 teacups.

You can bowl how many balls in 1 over?
Answer is 1, types are 6 & not 6 balls.

There are 2 ways to answer. Either convincingly or by confusing.
Either you convince in 1st place & if the opposite person doesn’t then confuse him.

Odd man out – Laxmiji, Padmaprabh swami, Jawaharlal Nehru, Saraswatiji – Nehru as he kept rose all others lotus.

Mohanthaal, Maisur, Magaj ane Barfi – Barfi as baaki badhi chana na lot ni bane.

Difference between bowled, catch out, stump out & run out. Pls tell odd man out.
All are odd man out with some or other logic.

5) Confirming answer.
You confirm that this is the right answer & it is confirmed.

6) Convincing answer.
You should try & convince the opposite person during discussion. Question dissolve thai jaai.

7) Conquering answer.

What is a difference between a 4 & a 6?
6 is always prefixed.
The difference is predetermination.
Confidence level is the factor. Courage level is also checked.
4 toh fluke ma pann jaai.

Eg of foreign dignitaries who had come to meet Gurudev.
They asked many questions point blank.
Why should we live simple with lifestyle?

There won’t be any invention if we live with simple lifestyle.

Gurudev had to convince them.

They come from disposable culture. They believe in consumerism culture. Too much usage & wastage.

Another 1 said – I don’t believe in future. We are only scared with fear.
I want to live in present, enjoy & don’t want to be deprived of fun. If you smoke lungs will be affected.
Gurudev answered – do you pay life insurance, mediclaim premium?
Foreigner answered – Yes.
Gurudev – that’s it. You believe in future.

Another foreigner lady asked –
What should I do I have approx 5-15 crs with me being rich?

1) Should I build a temple of Lord Mahavir Swami?
2) Should I build a school/college?
3) Should I build a road connecting village to nearby cities?

Answer – as per your opinion what would you do asked Gurudev.
She said I would build road as there many schools & temples but roads are few so want to connect people from villages with cities. I want to serve poor.

Eg of having cow & getting milk for consumption. So in other way, because of roads poor village people are deprived of milk.

You have wish to answer but don’t have wits to answer. You should have 5 star things:


1) Who should answer?
Not everyone has to answer, those who are capable to answer they should only answer. Also who have authority.

Be vastu chaalu karta pehla vichaarvi – Yuddh & Prem?
Yuddh can cost life.
Prem can cost family.

Tame avsare chup ryo ae pann ek statement chhe.

2) Whom to answer?
If opposite person is adamant, arrogant, having a prejudice mind. You don’t have to answer them all.

Aaj nu chaapu ae kaal ni pasti.

Jene jignyaasa nathi kaai jaanvaani.

Question by student – Aapni weakness na laage agar jawaab na aape toh?

Coma ane Kausagga ma farak chhe

You are not weak but wise to not answer

Sometimes not to answer is the right answer

3) When to answer?
Timing joi ne answer aapvaano, laage paani maatha par thi jaai chhe tyaare sansanto jawaab aapvo. If you keep silent it doesn’t mean you are weak but it proves you are wise

Eg of Subhash Chandra Bose.
When he had gone for exam.
Will you attempt a single hard question or set of 10 easy questions?
I will face an attempt to answer 1 hard question.

What came 1st – anda ya murgi?
Subhashji answered murgi.
He then said you cannot question 2nd time. You only told 1 hard question.

4) How to answer?

5) Why to answer?
Sometime it is for knowledge,
sometimes it is for acknowledgment,
sometimes it is for self esteem that you answer.

Be focused on last 2 types.
Convincing & conquering answer. These are the ones.

Anti nature
Anti nation
Anti future
Anti culture (dharma, sanskruti ni thekdi udaavta hoi)

IAF has shown what defence means.

Disciplined, determined & diplomatic answer.

Eg of juno kaal – When girls use to go to college. When it was very rare of girls getting education.
Girls thought of mischief in class like boys with their professor.
A monkey came on window, she told professor, aa juo tamaaro bhai baari par betha chhe.
Professor retorted with surprise – Aatli respect aapi. Tame naam thi na bolaavo?

Jawaab aapvaani tamaara ma Aavdat, Tev ane Tevad hovi joiye

Always mind yourself in 4 things.
Language, nation, culture, religion
Aane kadi criticise na karo ane koi kare toh jawaab aapta shikho.

Aaje kem aatla problem thaai chhe.
Because Violence of bad people is not that harmful as silence of good people.

Tu, tame ane aap – All means You in English. Only 1 word. Doesn’t give sense of respect to people of different ages – kids, elders.

If things come against your mother tongue.
Abhimaan ni vaat nathi pann maatru bhaasha no gaurav hovo j joiye.


Mulbhaasha no ek Vaibhav hovo joiye. Tamaari paase je bhaasha chhe aeni value raakho.

Punya no shabd – English ma..?
Paap no shabd – English ma Sin.

Tel no shabd – English ma Oil
Ghee no shabd – English ma..?

English ma 26 alphabets cut GST – 23 alphabets in Gujarati.

A word in the dictionary reflects the culture of the nation

How do you spell Colonel, Czechoslovakia, Prague, Argue, Fatigue.
Just think how these words are spelled?

Ek niyam raakho – books vaacho (good reading)

Chhaapa kem na vaachva joiye..!!

Question asked by student – Toh pachhi aaje Sadhu Maharaj kem chhaapa vaache chhe agar ae gandi vastu chhe.
Answer by Gurudev – Pathologist stool test kare tyaare khabar hoi chhe aa “chhi” chhe pann aene chuthe chhe ae jaanva ke aema su chhe jethi vyakti ne sudhaarva su karvu.

Counter question – Toh pachhi Computer aj vaapro. Aema vadhaare gandu chhe.
Answer – pathologist chuthe chhe, chaate nahi.

2 points by 1 more student to these 2 question asking students – “Maun raho ae samjaav va maate bolvu pade chhe ane Diwaal par lakhvu nahi ae samjaav va maate lakhvu pade chhe”.

Gujarati bhaasha chhodvi nahi. Aeni taakaat ane gaurav ne jaalvo.
Sanskruti maate koi boli na sha ke.

Ae sarhad tyaare j vataave jyaare saamewaalo hadd vataave

In last 1000 years, India has never initiated any offensive action against any other country, it is always in defence. Whereas you’ll find many examples of other countries who have taken offensive action without any need of doing so.
Only India has a mix of shaurya ane shaanti.

Eg of Yogi Krishnaprem. He was a foreigner who turned a Hindu Saint in India. A foreigner lady saw him in bus & was angry. How can you be so orthodox, illiterate & do all this.
He was actually a pilot before & a professor later & then saint.
Bharat ae duniya ne su aapyu – Social justice ae Shri Krishna ae aapyu chhe.
Bija desho ae spiritual justice joiyu j nathi by Lord Mahavir Swami.

By Kavi Jugraaj Jain –
Vartmaan ko Vardhaman ki aavashyakta hai

Rights pachhi aave – duties pehla aave.
Eg of Lord Ram.
He never exercised his right but always performed his duties.

It is better not to answer if you have don’t any authority to answer

Rules & regulations are different when you have a goal in from of you to achieve, fruitful restriction hova jaruri chhe.

Eg of What’s app – it’s part of entertainment. But ask a 12th std student who’ll keep away from what’s app as he is focusing to achieve in exams.

You should respect someone’s choice

You should not tolerate any ill against your mother tongue, culture, nation, religion.

Jawaab ma content strong hoi tone strong na hoi

Content ma garmi hoi shabdo ma garmi na hoi

That is why it is called AN ART.

Eg of Student v/s Parents.
How we think about their queries & questions?
Statutory audit ae pappa
Question mark aetle mummy – internal audit

Jawaab aapta tiraskaar no bhaav hase toh sambandh bagadse – Karuna bhaav hase toh nahi bagde.

Bharat ne pulaav ni jem pirso.
Saada bhaat ma thoda vataana chaanto aetle pirsaai jaai.

Subject to certain restriction you have freedom of speech.

Ahiya sanskruti maate raavano chhe aenu dukh Nathi pann 1 bhi jataayu nathi aenu dukh chhe.

Eg of Gandhiji – he was sitting in between 2 whites when studying law in Africa, they teased him with racist comments – you donkey, you ass, you donkey, you ass.
He dint get angry but calmly said – I am neither of it but instead sitting in between the 2

Rashtra ni viruddh ma kaai pann boli na shakaai.

Aa Desh no koi bhakt nathi aaje. Culture no koi santaan nathi.

Topic for Research work:
PL480 – public law 480 of 1965 by US
Food for peace.

Eg of Lal Bahadur Shastri & Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Lal Bahadur Shastri – ae bhaada na ghar ma rehta hataa.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – ae retire thayaa tyaare fakt Rs 237 hati aemni bank balance.

How India helped US in today’s times.
Eg of Vijay Kranti – IIT Dean.

Next PYS – 17th March 2019 – Topic – ART OF GRASPING.


Upcoming Sessions –
PYS No. 103 – 17th March 2019
PYS No. 104 – 28th April 2019

Shaashan Sparshna Shibir – 19th to 26th May 2019
Venue – Tapovan Sanskaar Peeth, Amiyapur,
Near Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.
Only for Boys (15 to 30 years).

Jainam Jayati Shaashanam..!!
“Yugo Sudhi Jhal Halse BhuvanBhanu Na Ajwaala”

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