Co-ordination” must exist, or there is no organization, only “experience”

How to live without clash & without klesh

Venue – Gate No. 5, Beside Convention Centre, GMDC Ground, Near Helmet Circle, 132 Feet Ring Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.

Sambodhan by Founder of PYS..!!
Thunder of Youth..!! Wonder of Jinshaashan..!!

Started with 3 navkaars & 2 mins silence in remembrance of brave martyred soldiers of unfortunate Pulwana attack 14th Feb 2019.

Gujarat sarkaar ma kaaydo pasaar thase, lagan pachhi Ghar ma helmet farajiyaat.

Bija na Anubhav maathi sikhvaanu hoi.

Vaachi ne pann ghani vastu onu anubhav ma le chhe.

Eg of naano chhokro. 12th standard ma aavyo. Gareeb ghar ma janmelo.

Ae aena bhabhi ne ke chhe pant ne alter kari aapo ne. Diwali chhe. Bhabhi na paade chhe. Pachhi didi ne puchhe chhe. Ae ke chhe exams chhe. Ha ve mummy paase jaai chhe, maa aetle maa. Ae toh kari ne j aapse. Maare baahargaam javaanu chhe. Aavi ne kari aapis.

Chhokra ne aaghaat laage chhe. Jai ne room ma sui jaai chhe. Rade chhe. Mummy, didi ane bhabhi ne laagi aavyu ke chaal help kari dau.

Badha potaani ri te pant alter kari aape chhe. Thai gayo half pant instead of just alteration.

This proves that there was co-operation in family but no co-ordination.

If you are afraid of loneliness don’t marry.

Tame potaana par lejo. Aa vishay ma banne baaju maate points malse. Pann tame potaana par aj lejo.

Saptapadi na fera farvaana j chho toh pre ane post points chhe.

Aakhi life search engine par chaale chhe.

4 L formula aaje chaale chhe –

Looks, likes, luxuries & liberties.

1) Looks.

Criteria ane specification par bhaar muke chhe badha. Time pachhi maidan ma aave.

Akbandh sambandh raakhva maate faatelu jeans joi chhe aaje.

Looks can attack just 1 person, nature ni asar 100 loko par padse.

2) Likes.

Tamne su bhaave, su ga me.

3) Luxuries.

Ghar ma ketla nokar, ketli gaadi.

4) Liberties.

Ketla BHK nu flat chhe.

Situational change. Relationship ma responsibility nu sharing karvaanu chhe.

Conditions na hoi, unconditional hovu joiye.

7 pre steps-

Family background, academic background, age, character, looks, financial background & locality.

2 vastu change na thaai – family & academic background. Lagbhag change nathi thataa.

Item list nathi aapyu, pann priority wise pehla na Gnyaani loko ae banaavyu chhe.

Marriage is not of 2 individuals but 2 families.

A good consultant leads to a good fortune.

Phone thaai bopore, tips apaai.

4 blindness, deafness, dumbness ane madness.

13 to 16 years – dumbness

16 to 19-20 years – blindness

21 years – deafness

Madness – it was from starting

Karuna, Satya, Saralta, Namrata, Irshya, Paagalpann. Bachyu Prem.

Badha 6 jann ae ma li ne Prem ne pann pakdaavi didho.

Ae diwas thi kehvat padi – Love is blind.

Love is blind accompanied with madness (paagalpann).

Mummy pappa nu na sambhlaai, potaanu na sambhlaai pann saame waala nu sambhlaai.

Infatuation – where there is no logic.

5-10 varse khabar pade what is the difference between wedding & welding.

Lagan thaai ae wedding ane lagan pachhi thaai ae welding. Sparks in relationship before & after.

Hu pigli gayo taara aasu na be boond ma, mane Jyotish ae kidhelu tane Paani ni ghaat chhe.

Never underestimate the experience.

Eg of Surat of 14th Feb’19 – They made a valentine vow – amaara mummy pappa ni consent vagar lagan nahi karye. Atleast 10,000 students. Ae loko ae sankalp karyo. Ae loko ni Naa ni uparvat upar amaari Haan nahi hoi.

They are purpose of our happiness & not obstacles.

Decision making situation ma aapne koi ne faraj na paadye Haan paadva maate.

No one is bound to get 100%.

Decision ma mummy pappa ni Haan Naa kem hoi chhe ae jaanvu joiye.

You are tying a knot, giving a commitment for life.

Lagan pann ek sanskaar chhe aapna Arya Desh ma. Marriage is a sanskaar – family law.

Proper criteria par jaiye, saptapadi pehla ni saptapadi joi laiye.

Family background,

Academic background,




Financial background,


1) Go with right perspective.

Tyaag roop chhe, bhog roop nathi. Khota maarge na jaai.

Not for lust, not for physical pleasure.

Tyaag, upwaas, ekaashnu.

Eg of Raja – Raja ne Mann thayu, mantri aago paacho thayo.

Hu jamva aavu, mantri ni stri sundar hati. Khabar padi gayi aashay khoto chhe.

12 thaali pirsi, Raja ne samjaayu nahi.

How to deal with proposals? – only disposals. If not with right perspective.

5 types of marriages-

1) Physical marriage

2) Social marriage

3) Mental marriage

4) Cultural marriage

5) Spiritual maariage

Green PYS book ma pledge vaachjo.

252% raise in divorce ratio globally.

It is the lowest in the world here in India. 18-18.5%.

25-50 varas pehla 2% hataa.

Ratio raise thayo toh chhe.

Luxembourg – it has highest divorce ratio – only 87%.

Some cases – 11 divorces by 1 person.

Russia ma 51%, Spain ma 65% divorce ratios chhe.

At fault divorce – is when one partner is may be having extra marital affair, or physical or mental abuse cases, etc.

On the other end, there are:

No fault divorce – aa category peda thai chhe. Nathi rehvu aetle nathi rehvu saathe.

Vichaar vagar je lagan karva jaai ae ghanaa ni life bagaade chhe.

Clear & right perspective saathe j javaai.

2) Be responsible, respectful & regards.

Question by a student – Je married ladies earn nathi karta aemne devalued feel thaai as compared to earning ladies in a family.

Example explained by Gurudev with example of Bowlers in cricket with ladies working in house.

Bowlers always have a sacrifing role yet they are the reasons for winning of our matches.

Eg of Army v/s local police.

Police no ketlo crucial role hoi chhe, they tackle daily problems with best efficiency.

Similarly, ladies no crucial role chhe ghar chalaa vaama.

They should definitely & must be appreciated by men & other family members.

Example of a wicketkeeper in a match, aa role mahila o na bhaage chhe.

3) Have mutual understanding.

Eg of Sangeet Sandhya.

Their co-ordination you can see on stage between multiple musical instruments. One plays when pulled, one when pushed, one when tapped, etc. In similar instance is our family, everyone’s best output and worst behaviours are during a particular push, pull or a tap. When coordinated, it sounds as music otherwise mere noise.

Difference of music & ghonghaat – if played with correct keys then music & mismatch of keys while playing an instrument is ghonghaat.

Rules & regulations – Game v/s yuddh.

Difference of opinion hoi aj pann partnership tyaare j thaai jyaare mutual understanding hoi.

Partnership played well. Eg of Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli for a partnership of 270. Not a single player is important in partnership.

Kyaare pann partnership easy na hoi pann running toh raakhvi j pade.

Runout tyaare thaai jyaare mutual understanding toote.

Sanyog na shikaar nahi thavu.

4) Be eager to compromise.

Life compromise karya vagar na chaale. Compromise karya vagar Jeevan ma aagal vadhaatu nathi.

Eg of a Ahmedabad couple. How they have survived their married life inspite of their busy schedules. How the wife has compromised her life for a successful married life.

Preserve the Head to preserve the Crown.

A father doesn’t send her daughter at her in laws after 25 years but he sends his pride on a ride to present to the world his upbringing for the last 25 years. How we (the daughter) behave with in laws shows the values of his pride, his values, his upbringings.

5) Be ready to sacrifice.

Eg of Shaheed Dhoundiyal’s wife (Mrs Nikita Dhoundiyal) – her outstanding speech in front of her martyred soldier husband’s body.

Eg of gents – how ladies/wives support their husbands for successful family life.

By giving honorary services for Sangh, Shaashan Seva kaaryo.

Gurudev’s message to both Boys/Gents & Girls/Ladies –

How both should do their respective work for running & having a successful family life..!!

6) Create & Have faith in each other.

Voluntary Disclosure of Individual Scam (VDIS).

If one speaks it gives impression of narrow mindedness.

You have to create & then saachav vo pann joiye.

Free talkative culture daat vaale chhe –

Friends, family, cousins, neighbours, near circles.

Vishwaas hamesha takvo j joiye banne partners vachhe.

7) Be royal in treatment.

No rough treatment should be given to partners.

No bad language to be used.

8) Be loyal in commitment.

Culture, freedom, kaaydo, kutumb.

Section 497 A. Bhale Indian Penal Code maathi nikli gayu pann tamaara Individual Penal Code ma section 497 A jeevant raakhjo.

9) Have family view.

Because of 2 partners fights, aakhu family pisaai jaai.

Jeevan ma sangarsh thaai agar banne partners potaani responsibility barabar nibhaave nahi.

Don’t have a personal view in your life.

Sampurn thavu ke samaapt thavu.

Life is complete or finished depends on the life partner.

Aa upar janavela elements maintain karva pade for a successful life.

For a complete family life, 100% parents are required. 1 survey thayu aema khabar padi ke ae ghati ne 65% thayi gayi chhe.

Life is always a full circle. It always comes back from where it started.

There are many hurdles at every stage in life & you will always face hurdles. You have to overcome every hurdle.

Approach matters in family life, samvadeeta waalu

Both have to compromise & both have to sacrifice.

10) Always have a virtuous view.

Expectations ghate ane acceptance vadhe. Sukh nahi sahishnaatu pann aavse if you have a virtuous angle.


Upcoming Sessions –
PYS No. 102 – 3rd March 2019
PYS No. 103 – 17th March 2019
PYS No. 104 – 28th April 2019

Shaashan Sparshna Shibir – 19th to 26th May 2019
Venue – Tapovan Sanskaar Peeth, Amiyapur,
Near Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.
Only for Boys (15 to 30 years).

Jainam Jayati Shaashanam..!!
“Yugo Sudhi Jhal Halse BhuvanBhanu Na Ajwaala”

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