PYS No. 100…..!! 23rd Dec’2018 – Sunday….!!


An Unstoppable Journey & Lifeline of Youngsters..!!


Topic – *BEING 100%*

Venue – Multipurpose Hall, Opposite Gate No. 3, GMDC Ground, Near Helmet Circle, 132 Feet Ring Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.

Sambodhan by
Founder of PYS….!!
Thunder of Youth….!!
Wonder of Jinshaashan….!!

Parmopkaari Gachhadhipati Jayghoshsurishwerji Maharaja ne khaas bhaav purvak vandan kari, Maara Param upkaari Guru Maharaj Pitaji Maharaj Meghvallabhsuri Maharaj ne vandan kari, ahi sudhi pohchaadva ma mul thi paaya no role bhajavnaar maara Matushri Sadhviji Bhagwant Nirvanprabhashreeji Maharaj ne vandan kari aaje sharu karu chhu.

Badha ae ghano Prem aapyo chhe ae sweekari aa 3 sthaane samarpit karu chhu.

1 classroom niΒ andar maths no period chaalto hato. Teacher aavi Maths bhanaavi rahya chhe ae jova Examiner aavya. Examiner ae 2-4 vidyaarthio ne ubha karya. Aemne 2-4 vidyaarthio ne ubha karya. Suppose I give you 1 apple & again 1 apple & then again 1 apple. Then how much do you have?

Pela ae kidhu 4 safarjan. Sir munjhaaya. 4 kya thi thaai.

Tane kayu fruit bhaave..? Student says tane 1 keri aapu pachhi 1 keri aapu ane haji 1 keri aapu toh ketli keri thai..? Student answered – 3 keri. Han, ha ve barabar.

Bhaavtu hoi ae sandarbh ma puchho toh calculation barabar thaai.

Again same question on Apple – still answer 4.

How is it possible?

Ubha ro, bataau. Daftar kholyu ane ghare thi laavelu 1 apple kaadhyu – kidhu thaya ne 4. Mummy ae aapi chhe 1. Thai ne 4.

Bohu naseebdaar chhe, punyashaali chhe aapne. Jetla aa pruthvi par janam le chhe, aa bhav ma aave chhe badha 4 safarjan leva aave chhe. Aap ne 3 levaana chhe. Carry forward ma 1 toh lai ne aavya chhe. Uchha sthaan par chhiye.

Aaj sthaan par pohchva maate ketli taqdir joiye, ketlu naseeb joiye. Chaalu karta pehla 1 preface aapu chhu, maaro, tamaaro, aapno sau no. Aapne kaya Janam ma kayi gati na kya rakhadta hot tya thi aapne ahiya aavya chhe.

Deal sign kari chhe mane saaru janam aapo, saame karmasatta bethi chhe. Mane aeva sthaan ma janam aapo ke geography saari hoi, samruddh kul hoi, sanskaari parivaar hoi, jain kul ma janma thaai, saaro dikro bani ne ek saara parivaar ma janmu. Jain kul ma janma thaai. Naanu baalak janme kaan ma Navkar Mantra sambhlaai, aankh khu le toh Maharaj Saaheb na darshan thaai, baari khu le toh Shikhar na Dhajaa na darshan thaai, 2-3 mahina no hou maara pappa tedi Palitana ni jaatra karaave, 2-3 varas no hou Maharaj Saaheb ghare vohorva aave toh maara haat lagaadi ne khakro vohraave.

Aa badha maate Rokdu punya joiye. Maaro Janam saras shukanvanto banyo hoi.

World Cup ramaai tyaare 4 round hoi chhe, Qualifier aave, eliminator aave, semifinal ane final aave.

Ireland, West Indies, Holland, Afghanistan ne qualifier ma ramvu pade chhe.

India ne kyaare qualifier round ma ramvu nathi padyu direct eliminator round maaj ramya chhe.

Aapne naseebdaar chhiye, 1 safarjan lai ne aavya chhe sidha eliminator round ma.

Aapan ne direct eliminator round ma chance mali gayo chhe. Bijo ae loko ne joiye je haji taqdir ajmaavi rahya chhe.

Ghana ne qualify thava maate time laagi jaai chhe.

Eliminator round tough hoi chhe. Eliminator round ma saaro performance aapvo jaruri chhe padkaaro vachhe.

Astitva takaav-vu hoi toh bohu mehnat karvi pade chhe. Aaje jeevan no hetu samji ne jaiye. Aapne qualifier maathi eliminator ma aavya chhe.

Tame saambhlo chho aej ek miracle chhe.

Eliminator round ma aavyo aema platform tayyaar chhe. Platform ubhu karvaama bohu vaar laage chhe.

Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh na dariyaayi patti par chhokrao leeli net lai ne maachla pakadva jaai. Boat sailing kari ne jaai.

Net ma dhaglo maachla aave – 12-13 varas na chhokra.

14-15-16 varas na Porbandar na chhokrao. Banne jagya ae aaj vastu. Ketla majuro aavuj kaam karta hoi chhe.

Tyaare aapna 12-13 varas na chhokra updhaan ma betha chhe. Ambawadi na Updhaan tap na 100 khamaasamna aapta hase. Jene platform ma le chhe ae kya jaai chhe ane jene platform aj nathi malyu aa kyaa rahi jaai chhe. Difference jovo.

Bohu varsho pehla 1 Manohar naam no maanas hospital ma aavi ne ke chhe aa baalak natu. Mummy ne khabar nathi. Mummy ne khyaal natu baalak kayu hatu. Paakku badlaayu chhe. Aa baalak maaru nathi.

Maachhan nu baalak chhe aa toh. Bhul ma aavu thayu.

Tamne jo naseeb displace kari de ne su thaai.

Sunil Manohar Gavaskar he was that person, today he is known as a Legend Cricketer throughout the world. “Little Master banyo”.

He wouldn’t have been a batsman if luck wouldn’t have favoured him then ae maachhimaari karto hote. Kadaach maachhimaari ma highest fishing no award melvat. Haath rekha o ma destiny toh lai ne aavela pann luck ae favour karyu toh aakhu jeevan badlaai gayu.

Eg of PYSians attending PYS today. You’ll must have woke early in morning & attending the session.

We all attending are qualified, others like us who are still sleeping today on Sunday are yet to get qualified.

Bohu j ochha loko majbut satya ne samje chhe ke life is not for enjoyment but for enlightenment. Jeevan ma gunaatmak vikas karo. Hidden potential ne baahar laavo. Hidden perfection baahar aave aene kevaai BEING 100%.

Aapne aapna jeevan pushkal prayaas karvo padse.

Eg of Chandragupta Maurya.

Aena Raj darbaar ajaanyo maanas aavyo chhe. He was one of the best Raja. Someone has sent something from Greece.

Motu lokhand nu paanjru hatu. Paanjru mukyu ane kidhu aane paanjra ne haath lagaadya vagar sinh ne baahar laavi batao.

Bindusaar, aeno chhokro. Shaashtro ni kathaao bohu jabardast hoi chhe.

Pitaji aapni buddhi tapaasva aavyo chhe Greece thi.

Circular format ma 6 foot nu paanjru, 8-10-12 foot sudhi aag gayi, Sinh 5 foot no. Ceasefire thayu.

Smoke aago paachho thayo. Sinh gaayab thai gayo. Sinh meen no banelo hato. Sinh baahar aavi gayo chhe. Aaju baaju ma aag laagta ni saathe pigli ne baahar aavi gayu. Bindusaar stage par aavya ane aadhyatmik paripreksh ma saras vaat kari.

Aapna jeevan na gunn ane dosh aa meen na Sinh jeva chhe. Aapna jeevan ma ubho thato gunn ae pann aa meen no Sinh chhe ane aapna jeevan ma develop thato dosh, ae paap, ae vyasan ae pann aa meen no Sinh chhe.

Aapne gunn develop karye chhe, aaju baaju ma aetli aag laagi chhe aa Sinh pigli jaai chhe. Ha ve reverse ma vartvaanu chhe. Aa dosh na sinh pigaalva maate ni aag aaje lagaadvaani chhe. Aaj sudhi aapne aag lagaadi ne guno ne piglaavya chhe.

Aadhyaatmik gunn viksaavo joiye. Shikshan ni aevi aag laagi chhe. 1 article hamna vaachyo tyaare khabar padi aapne ketla paachaa padye chhe.

Bhaarat ni baudhik taakat, lagbhag Bhaarat na saanskrutik vaarsa ne neendva ma ane tikaa karvaa maathi unchi nathi aavti.

Ek maanas aave chhe ane ke chhe, Hu shakaahaari chhu. Restaurant ma jaai chhe. You are veg. Su non-veg na khavaai? Tu kyaa thi aavo vedio thai gayo? Duniya kya pohchi gayi ane tu shaakahaar shaakahaar ni plate maathi upat nathi aavto.

Eg of Veg v/s Non-veg.

Non-veg khaadha kar, aa maanas ke chhe. US ma betho chhe – Pelo j maanas aej tyaa jai ne bole chhe. Bija koi ke tyaare bole veg khaao chho. Aej saras bole chhe aena maate. That US person says I am a vegetarian, this same person who criticised in India is praising the other guy just because he is in US.

*The world cannot uphold the slaughter now anymore.*

Eg of Yoga – Surya namaskar. 15 surya namaskar, 1/2 an hour yoga. Rushi muni o na alag pose karvaana. Here people are demoralised in India.

Aapne Yoga export karyu – Ae loko as (westerners) ae import karyu chhe.

Eg of spiritual person – Here people are demoralised in India. I believe in inner spirit.

Eg of Mashkari done by others of Jain chhokra-chhokrio. Maare aaje Choviyaar chhe – example. Diksha levaano chhe? As Diksha is next step of Choviyaar.

Aaje paancham chhe, aaje aatham chhe, tane aa badhu nade chhe, Paryushan nade. Amne tu nade chhe. Aane Jain paani aapo. Aane paani sevaai kaai nahi chaale.

Eg of Akshay Kumar – he says you should eat early before 6pm. You should have 4 active hours before sleep. You follow him. He gets Like Like Like Like. Tame khoti hushyaari maarta nahi ke we follow Aadinath, you follow Akshay Kumar. Tame kona follower chho. Andar thi bolo. Bharat na culture ne Dil thi embrace karo. But bija aa traditions follow kare toh aene tipi naakhvaana.

Eg of Round table conference – Gol Meji Parishad. Button ne su kevaai Gujarati – Boryu. Tamaara mummy ne puchho ae aena dadi ma ne puchhi ne kese. Badha shabdo j gaya chhe.

Eg of Kankaavati – Hamna Updhaan sharu thaya ne toh vaat nikli – Red Tilak – will be done in next 30-40 years by new trustees. Karyakarta kevo hase. What do I have to bring? Pls bring a round steel pot I have to make ready red paste to make an auspicious mark on the forehead.

Eg of Gandhiji – Aemna sevaai bija koi ae follow natu karyu. Aemne vesh ma badlaav na thavaa didho. Potaana culture ma mostly Gandhiji sivaai aatla paakka koi nataa rahya. Je vesh ahiya, aej vesh desh Ni baahar. His dish cost Rs 700, Gandhiji is representing half the country, someone sarcastically said but Gandhiji retorted maaro pehrvesh joi lo, I am representing the other half. Aa tamaara paape chhe.

Quit India karo. Je pehryu – Barrister hataa. Mulbhut Bhaartiya.

Eliminator round ma aavya pachhi Shikshan buddhi no Vikas karse. Buddhi prashno ubha karse – Culture, religious principles, aadarsho saame – aa aag ni andar aa guno bali jataa hoi chhe.

Eg of friends Mumbai for Lonavala, Ahmedabad thi Una – peer pressure. A friend does not take permission of his father, because of his friend. Tu peevaano nathi, tu joya kar. Vinay naam no gunn pigli jaai chhe.

Aaj ri te Dosho – Meen na putla jeva chhe. Guno pann meen na putla jeva chhe.

Eg of Godiya Paarnu – Mahavir Swami. Aema tame swayam chho. Tame ae Godiya Paarna maathi baahar aavya chho. Ae jineshwar partmaatma chhe uplakshan thi Jain aema thi j baahar aavyo chhe.

Eliminator round ma chhotra nikli jaai chhe. Aema bhukka nikli jaai chhe.

Hu maari identity takaavish.


Je potaana maa baap saame bolto hoi, kutra ne joi ne tiraskaar kare. I will maintain my human identity.

Eg of Restaurant ma 1 moti umar na uncle jamva jaai chhe, taklif pade chhe, khaai nathi shakta, jamvaanu dhole chhe. 24 varas no chhokro help kare saaf karva.

He takes care of his dad. Asks his daddy waiter ne tip aapvi chhe. He says yes.

Someone comes to the son when they are just leaving – You have left something behind. What asks the son?

*You have left a lesson for every son & a hope for every father.*

Eg of a friend who does not come to your party as his father is unwell. You should always appreciate him. I am proud to have a friend like him.

Potaani duties ne je samje chhe. Aene tamaare navaajva joiye.

Gaadi fast jati hoi – koi gareeb ne Rs 5 aapi de, aene birdaavo.

Kyaak koi dharma kartu hoi, we should prefer to respect his or her choice. Aemni mashkari na karvi joiye.

Ae saachu chhe ae kare chhe, majaak na karvi joiye tamaare. Don’t devalute him/her.



He who has great respect for his Indian culture. He who has bare respect internally for India’s composite culture.

Pledge yaad karjo. Darek pathyapustak ma chapaayelu chhe. Chapaayelo ane Chuppayelo paath chhe. Koi teacher ae bhanaavyu nathi. Aa toh 30 diwas bhanaavu joiye.

Aa pratigna patra koi vaachtu nathi.

Eg of Matunga Sessions – 5 sessions ma Pledge par lidhelu. Pehli vaar khabar padeli ke 15 kalaak aana par boli shakaai. Teacher of Somaiya College told that I came to know we can teach this also.

*Daaru ni baatli ma ukaalelu paani aapto hato.* Packaging pramaane tamne aapye.

Eg of Vaasakshep – ae shrink thai jaai jyaare vaasakshep ochhu thaai. Bournvita no dabbo.

You swear as per Pledge. Kem nathi bhanaavta ae samaj nathi padti. Stick to your culture.

Eg of ice-cream – 45% vastu ane 55% havaa.

Aa vastu na 100% paisa aej aape Jeni paase 45% magaj hoi ane 55% vaccum hoi. Aej ice cream khaai.


Maintain your dignity. Tame dheela nahi padta. Tame sharmaata nahi. Saamewaala na dosh no meen no Sinh pigalvo joiye, nahi ke tamaaro gunn no Sinh.

Eg of Cola – It is carbon, when you drink you burp, that is because carbon andar gayo ae burp (odkaar) tarikhe baahar aavyo. Excessive carbon jaai tyaare vaayu ucchhle.

I shouldn’t take toilet cleaner. Rs 20 ma ma le chhe. Phenyl pann nathi maltu Rs 20 ma.

Eg of Indian culture – South Korea country always praises India. Eg of war – when Indians had helped other countries wholeheartedly. Their dead bodies were carried by Indian people. Not picked up by any other country people but by machines.

*Die hard spirit hovi j joiye.*

Aa Desh ni maahanta jabardast chhe. Aaje Desh no daat valaai rahyo chhe.

Kyaay cultural welfare kyaay chaaltu nathi. Ek rajya bataado jyaa takleef nathi.

Aapna paper pann girve mukaai gaya – Pehle Amazon samachar hoi chhelle Flipkart samachar hoi ane vachhe Gujarat Samachar ke Divya Bhaskar hoi.

Paisa su kaam kari sha ke chhe – koi ne peerasva maate mokli sha ke chhe (Eg of Amitabh Bachchan serving in Ambani’s daughter wedding).

Andolano pehla na time ma gnaati maate nahi pann Desh maate chaalta hataa, jyaare aaje Andolan Desh maate nahi pann gnaati maate chaale chhe.

Gandhiji ae Hindu o maate ladat nathi chalaavi, Ashfaq Ulla Khan ae Muslimo maate, Madam Cama, Veer Savarkar Maratha maate nota ladya, Vallabhbhai Patel Paatidaar maate andolan nata karya, Subhash Chandra Bose Bangaali maate nataa ladya, Bhagat Singh Punjabi ke Sikh maate nataa ladya. Badha 1 Hindustan maate ladya hataa.

Badha potaano swaarth joi chhe. Pehla swaraaj maate ladta hataa. Eg of builders & developers – tenants.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ne yaad karo. 565 rajwaada ne aemne bhega karya hataa Akhand Bharat maate.

Aashcharya chhe.

Eg of 3 brothers – Chhuta padta vaar nathi laagti pann bhega thataa varso nikli jaai chhe.

*Monarchy is a maniac*. Raai na daana joya chhe. Ae hamesha upar j rahe.

Eg of Saadhu – Kul, ghan, sangh aava prakaaro chhe. Amaara pann bandhaaran ane niyamo chhe. 600 no samudaai hoi ane ame 15 sadhu hoiye. Shaastro ke chhe, mota unit ma naana unit ae merge thavaanu hoi mota unit naana ma merge na thaai.

Nyaay tantra no mulbhut siddhant chhe – Ek pann doshit dandaai ke na dandaai pann aekey nirdosh dandaavo na joiye.

Ahiya force chaale chhe, Sabrimala ma java do. Eg of Sabrimala – andolano thaai chhe. Alag prakaare chaale chhe.

Aapne Ahinsa ni vaat karte chhe ne. Samagra Desh ma Economic ane ecological welfare jyaare chalaavye ne tyaare aevu bataadva ma aave ke khaali mutthi bhar Jaino ane Jeevdaya premi o ni bhaavna ne tthes pohchaadva maate aave chhe. Aakhi Desh ni economy na pathra udi gaya chhe. They are working for welfare of pashu dhan. Bhaavna aakhaa Desh na heet ma chhe. Ane chhataa tuchh maangni tarike jova ma aave chhe.

Aa ri te Desh aagal na aave. Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Parsi, Sikh, Jaat, Paatidaar, Maratha, Christian badha ae mati ne pehla Hindustani thavaani jarur chhe. Pachhi pot-potaana individual status ne pann jaalvi raakhe aema naa nathi.

Absolutely varied combination aa Bhaarat nu Vividhta ma Ekta. Aaj Bhaarat ni khari asmita chhe.

World heritage ae Ahmedabad ma Pol no vistaar pasand karyo. They have given logic. We have not found such brotherhood anywhere in the world. Badhu adi ne saathe bhega rehta hataa ae proof chhe.

Duniya ma kyaay jovaayu nathi.



Aapni identity sambhaalo. Bhale Gujarati hou tame Garv karo.

Eg of Microsoft. Of Gujju people. During interview sessions.

Tamaari bhaasha ne takaavo. Eg of households, today’s people speak in half Gujarati and in half English. You are compelling your kid to forget Gujarati.

Eg of Ved Pratap Vyas. Of airlines. Every other country puts stamps in their own language but only India (Hindustan) is such country which does not have stamp in Hindi.

Hindi laavo Angreji hataao.

Eg of Kamal Singh.

Hindi typist tari ke disqualified thayela defence ma Pravesh melavta. He was fit and fine otherwise. He was disqualified as he was not able to speak proper English.

Eg – India ma Garmi bohu pade chhe, be mahina out of India su rahi ne aave tyaare. My own wife, my own wife, bija ni loan par hoi..?

Be proud to be a Gujju. Tamaari human identity ne Prem thi takaavo. Being a 100% human, Hu ek Indian chhu Being a 100% Indian. Mane maari bhaasha ga me chhe.

Hu maara aadarsho no maannu chhu, maanu chhu, sweekar karu chhu. Maara desh ne dil thi maanu chhu.


MY JAIN IDENTITY. I am a 100% Jain.

Mulbhut siddhaanto thi baahar nahi javaanu. Eg – paacham, aatham. Kem kothmir na khavaai, dudhi na khavaai. Sandwich nahi khaavaani aaje.

Hu je chhu ae chhu. Su khavaai, su na khavaai.

When you are on the divider point. Learn Philosophy of Jainism. Tattva-gyaan bhano toh khabar pade. Philosophy bhanva naseeb joiye.

Uchaai ane undaan jaanvu hoi toh aavo Jainism bhano. Everest – Pacific comparison. Everest ma uchaai ma le, Pacific ma undaan ma le. Pann Jainism ma uchaai ane undaan banne chhe.

Eg of Pincode in Ahmedabad when 1 building is passed.

Eg of Khopoli – Khandaala. When you are on the divider point.

Tame philosophy nathi bhanya ne tame agnaan nathi jaat na apraadhi chho. Kyaare bhanva aavjo.

12 ne 1 minute ae 2019 ane 12 ma 2 minute ochhi ae 2018. 365 days ma farak nathi padti pann hamna kem. Specific point par hoi ae divider chhe.

Be a Jain. 100% Jain. Mane badhu khabar na pann pade pann hu follow karu chhu.

Eg of balad ane balad-gaadu. Banne ma farak tamme khabar chhe. Aetlo farak master ane mister ma chhe. Tame jyaare marriage karo chho tyaare a lady gains his master & you loose your master’s degree.

24th Feb’19 nu 101 session – post marriage programme. Aaje tolerance level ochhu hova na kaarane taklif ubhi thaai chhe. *Relations jaane opportunity bani gayi chhe, responsibility toh rahi j nathi.* Aadarsh jeevan maate.

Tame je culture ma chho aene prem thi apnaavo. Dharma paamya chhe. Maatra kriya ae dharma nathi.

Juna loko 60 varas na long term waala business minded ane mul ma sattodiyu magaj for youngsters.

Eg of Gachhadhipati – he giving 3 letters to start Shibirs. Aemna letters aavya hataa, aaju baaju ma colleges chhe. Young culture dharma thi durr jaai chhe. Aav naaro Jain Sangh aapna thi durr thaai chhe. Do it specifically for only till 35 age.

*Gurudev recollecting all upkaari tattva on him which has made him achieve so much today.*

100 mahina ma 100 sessions thayaa. *Sadguru jyaare aadesh ke aagna kare tyaare aagna paalan nu saamarthya tamaara ma pragtaavi ne j karta hoi chhe.* Ae vagar na kare. Aadesh karya pachhi, develop thaai chhe capacity.

*Tapli maari maari ne Jaino ne Jain banaav chhu chhella 8 varas thi. Maanas ne maanas banaavu chhu.*

*Saara kul ma janmela ne samjaav vaanu ke tame saara kul ma janmya chho.*

Saahebji recalling his childhood days of Sion with friends – also PYS 53 held in Sion. Of Little Angels High School. All had come to meet him. Saahebji remembered all with their full names apart from 3, with their tie colours.

Those friends stared, exclaimed, cried, spoke post session when Saahebji asked how did you feel – *Today we the friends feel, we all are Sudama.*

*Aa vesh ma ek a ek maanas ne su bhaav, aem ne aem koi aene Krushna-avtaar na maane. Aa vesh no prabhaav chhe.*

*Comparison of Raymonds piece for gents & Sabyasachi’s saree for ladies V/S Aa safed vastro.*

Saahebji’s charging – Meghvallabhsuri MS (his power bank). Saahebji remembering all work done by other muni bhagwants.

Saahebji appreciating youth – 125 karod nu Bhaarat ane 15 laakh nu sainya, tame 15 laakh nu sainya chho.

5) PURE SOUL ni ultimate quality pann chhe – Aatma swaroop. Ae vaat hu nathi karto, tame kyaak bije aavo toh kari shaku. Potaanu mul swaroop. Unexplored Amazon. Searching ME – MYSELF. We have to maintain it. Ae aapne potaani karvaani chhe.

Meen nu putli aapnu Sinh nu hovu joiye.

Maaru dharma shaashan, maaru Jin shaashan, maaro desh, maari sanskruti ane aeni raksha na kaaryo. Jyaare motivation aavse ne tyaare biju badhu side par jase. Badhu paarku laagse ane tame semi final ma aavso.

Question was asked – PYS ma sikhvaadva ma aave chhe ke tamaare family saathe rehvu joiye, family saathe rehvaanu, bonding raakhvaanu, Maa baap ne chhodo nahi. Toh koi Diksha le tyaare ultu kem thaai chhe..??

Answer – Eg of Virat Kohli – it was 21st or 23rd Dec’2006 similar date. His father had suffered a heart attack, Karnataka v/s Delhi Ranji Trophy match. His father then passed away. How he concentrated and played a magnificent part to save his team. It was a base for his good future. He had to prove his commitment.

Vikas naam no chhokro ae aene dhanyavaad aapela. Ae aeno moto bhai.

Eg of Dikshaarthis, even family, parents are important agree but when there is larger picture of nation then it has to be prioritised. What you asked pertains to primary truth & what I said is ultimate truth.

This is difference between Primary Truth & Ultimate Truth.

Sten gun, air gun, machine gun, lagan. Gun paachal aj hoi chhe.

3 ring programme – engagement ring, wedding ring & suffering.

Eg of Kumarpalbhai V Shah. Niswaarth bhaave jeevan aakhu aapyu chhe bijaa maate.

Jeevan potaanu bija na Jeevan maate aakhu Jeevan kurbaan karyu chhe. Vaat karvu ae alag ane kaam kari bataadvu ae alag.

His great qualities Gurudev remembered after 1968. Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. Mr K V Shah – in this way he was appreciated by even Bangladesh minister post 1971 war.

Eg of Sunday – 23rd Dec’18 & 30th-31st Dec’18. Aaje GMDC ma ane tyaare pann GMDC ma. Pann hetu farvaai jaai chhe.

Shuddh, saatvik vichaaro lai ne aaje 100 ma session thi ubha thajo. Parmaarth no sweekar karta sikho.

Eg of Gulabshankar – Bhavaiyo. He played the role of a lion.

Je role malyo chhe ne aene dil thi play karvaano.



Eg of Bhagat Singh.

Eg of Mirabai. Aemna slogan ghanaa maarmik ane spiritual chhe. Bhale thodu alag concept ma chhe.

We should learn with broader perspective for greater things in life.

Toran na badha paan asopalav na hoi, pann asopalav na pann badha toran bane.

Spirit tamne ma le ae baahar aav vi joiye.

Eg of Panyas Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja. Remembering his lectures.

Being 100%, Vikaas gaando thaai ke na thaai. Pann purna vikaas thai gayo chhe.




Upcoming Sessions –
101 – 24th Feb 2019
102 – 3rd March 2019
103 – 17th March 2019

Jainam Jayati Shaashanam..!!
“Yugo Sudhi Jhal Halse BhuvanBhanu Na Ajwaala”

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