PYS No. 97 – 28th Oct’2018, Sunday….!!
Venue – Gate No. 5, Beside Convention Centre, Andhjan Mandal Gali, GMDC Ground, Near Helmet Circle, 132 Feet Ring Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.
Sambodhan by
Founder of PYS….!!
Thunder of Youth….!!
Wonder of Jinshaashan….!!
What are Communication skills?
Communication skills are skills by how we communicate with others.
Communication skills if not used correctly then the same communication kills.
Hence, Communication SKILLS becomes Communication KILLS.
Eg: of an uncle. Lagna na 4-5 varso pachhi. Communication skill rehti nathi.
Bola chaali – abola.
Banne chhede antim Sanskar chhe.
3.05am ae uthaadva kidhu aemna wife ne pann abola hataa.
Aemne uthaadya nahi. Savaare 7 vaage uthya tyaare message joyo toh lakhyu hatu 3.05 vaagya uthi jaao.
Ek akshar aago paachho thaai aetle matlab badli jaai.
Eg: Pujari incorrectly wrote on board Trustee badlo instead of Drashti badlo.
Jeebh bolvaanu ane chaatvaanu kaam kare chhe.
Yuddh vakhte ane food supply ane broadcasting centre kabje karo toh yuddh jeeti javaai.
Sharuaat tikha tamtamta shabdo vade chaalu thai hoi chhe.
Doctor pann jeebh tapaasi ne dardi ne tapaase.
Jeebh par aeni bolvaani kshamta ne tapasvi pade.
Effective public speaking no course karo pann ghare routine ma tamaaro bolvaano vyavahaar par aadhaar kare chhe.
Eg of CA course – GMCS course compulsory karaave chhe.
Thodu management ane bolvaani rit banne sikvu pade.
Eg: Convincing power.
Je vyakti ne muddo thasaav vo hoi. Toh aevi ri te karvaama aave.
Gurudev’s book – “VICHAARO NI DIVA-DAANDI”.
Ae book vaachva jevi chhe. Badha sawaal ane jawaab aapya chhe.
Importance of books & points covered for things to be done & not to be done as per Jainism.
Eg: of why books are printed v/s so many prints in normal newspapers going in waste.
*Art of convincing na hoi tyaare vyakti Art of domination maa jaai chhe.*
Domination thi nahi pann convince kari ne sikhvaadvu joiye.
Kayaa karaano thi kayaa kaam karaai ane na karaai.
It is important to make a person understand.
Or else the person will not understand.
Eg: old aunty – having some problem in her eyes.
Maanso ma ghani vasti magaj ma ghar kari gayi chhe aajni taarikhe.
*The more you become dishonest the more you become wealthier.*
Old generation – niti, niyam thi chaalnaari.
Eg: of a 40 year old uncle – he had got a Rs 60 lacs diamond packet.
Still he had honestly submitted the packet in BKC office.
The person whose packet was lost, he was surprised to get it from this person & felt how much honest the 40 year old person was.
Anhaq nu levaai nahi.
Anhaq no paiso ae chaa nu cup chhe, chaai peeva ma majaa aave pann je diwase nahi ma le ae diwase maathu chadse.
Eg: of advertising agencies.
Ad media ma art of convincing thi kaam chaale chhe. Statistical data mukaai.
*You are purchasing expectation & not the product.*
Eg: Gurudev during his sansaari young days.
He argues with his mom for not going to do Puja. Saahebji told Derasar ni baaju ma ghar hoi toh roj jaau.
Baa Maharaj counter answered – Pela Agrawal no chhokro taaro dostaar chhe ne, ae kyaa jaai chhe. Derasar ni baaju ma reh chhe.
Gurudev said ae kya Jain chhe.
But counter answer was as per question in argument – Derasar ni baaju ma rehva thi khaali na javaai, Jain chhe aetle Puja karva javu joiye.
Aa karvaama aave jyaare maanas convince na thaai aene confuse karvaama aave.
Ek sabha ma ek Hindi bhaashi vyakti Gandhiji ne Gandhi boli ne vaat karta.
Ek jann ae ubha thai ne kidhu Gandhi nahi Gandhiji thodu sanmaan aapi ne bolo.
Tyaare aa vyakti ae confuse karti daleel kari tame tamaari Maa ne Maa bolaavo chho ke Maaji.
Pela bhai vichaar ma padi gaya ane kaai boli na shakya.
Aavi daleel thi ubha thayela bhai ne confuse karya.
Eg: Gandhi & not Gandhiji.
Maa & why not Maaji.
Ae kalaa hoi ae confront kari ne badha mudda ne todi ne jawaab aapi sakaai.
Eg of Sabrimala case.
Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
He has given many confronting comments against Supreme Court order.
There is no discrimination at all in 1st place in the temple practice which has been going on from generations.
The same has to be respected.
*To prove who is right v/s to prove what is right.*
Your communication helps to conclude something.
Eg: of Sachin Tendulkar & his coach Ramakant Achrekar.
12-13 years.
He was confronted by his coach for why was he absent in coaching.
Sachin was given a tight slap by his coach – why did you go to watch the match of Sunil Gavaskar.
*Tu tere liye Khel dusre ke liye taali mat bajaa.*
*Tu khelega toh dusre tere liye taali bajaayenge.*
Aena magaj ma ae vastu perfect besi gayu. Sachin had recollected after he got retired.
This incident changed him & how he approached his professional cricketing career.
Eg: Gurudev’s early Diksha days.
Gunanandsuri Maharaja, bohu motta diggajj Pandit Maharaj.
He use to teach so many saadhu bhagwants.
Eg: of his teachings to following Great Guru Bhagwants.
Param Pujya Panyas Acharya sam Shri Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja,
Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shri Ratnasundersurishwerji Maharaja,
Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shri Hemratnasurishwerji Maharaja.
Aemne niyam aapelo Gurudev ne – taara initial days ma only Sanskrut ane Praakrut sikhvaanu.
Gujarati vaachvaanu nahi.
Agar Gujarati vaachis toh biju kaai sikhi nahi sha ke ane khaali bijaani lakheli chopdi vaachto rahis.
Jaate Sanskrut ane Praakrut sikhis toh taari lakheli chopdi bija vaachse aagal jataa.
Eg: a qualified person’s dialogue with his mom.
He was earning great & getting wealthier. On his birthday, his mom gave him typical Aashirwad – Sukhi thaje beta.
He told his mom su ek na ek aashirwad aape chhe.
Kaai alag Aashirwad aap.
His mom gave him Aashirwad which he has ingrained in himself for life – *Beta tu aetlo badho sukhi tha ke duniya ni koi pann vastu kharidi sa ke, ane aetlo mongho thaje ke duniya ma koi tane kharidi na sa ke.*
It meant that you earn money but not at the cost of your ethics, morals and values.
Moral ane values University maathi nathi maltaa.
Aava naana vaakya maathi ma le chhe.
Tone ane timing perfect hova joiye to communicate correctly.
*90% of problems are not because of what you say but how you say.*
*Amaare tyaa ni badle Aapne tyaa.*
Aana hisaabe gharnu kyaare baaharnu thai jaai chhe.
Tone matters a lot….!!
*Moto awaaj tyaare j thaai jyaare distance vadhaare hoi.*
Be jann vachhe distance thai gayu hoi tyaare mote mote vaat thaai chhe.
Be jann vachhe jyaare distance na hoi tyaare dhime thi vaat thaai chhe.
Tamaare je convey j karvu chhe.
Aama content ni badle volume par focus thaai chhe.
*Content remains unreceived.*
*Content wise saacha hou pann tone par control na hoi toh content dabaai jaai.*
Irritation vadhe tyaare tone par control na reh.
Bhaat laav – biji vaar BHAAT LAAV…..!!
Paani laav – biji vaar PAANI LAAV….!!
Darwaajo khol – biji vaar DARWAAJO KHOL….!!
Kem hamesha biji vaar ma awaaj raise thai jaai/vadhi jaai.
Ek ni ek vastu repeatedly bolvu pade tyaare aakru laage.
*Why to raise the volume?*
Eg: Baapu of Kaathyavaad.
Check on yourself going onwards-
3 vaar sudhi control raakhi ne vaat karo.
Aetli practice karo.
Aa vastu sikhvi j joiye.
Eg: of call centre – calls received for loans.
Don’t speak loudly, roughly even though the opposite person is not known to you.
Atleast speak/communicate with politeness.
Eg: of Ajit Wadekar.
He was 1 of the Great Captains of India.
He failed in his early 3 innings.
Vijay Merchant another great was in commentators box.
How he commentated on Wadekar’s wicket changed the entire dynamics – he was again selected in the team.
He had commentated by saying more on the ball bowled rather than Wadekar’s wicket.
*The way you communicate also raises someone’s confidence.*
Saviour’s tone – can save someone’s life.
Consolation, support, adequate & appropriate words.
Message in short & sweet words.
Eg: Muktivallabhsurishwerji Maharaja.
In his early College days, badha chhokra Masti karta hataa lecture ma.
Lady professor hataa. Aemne dhaardaar najar thi badha saame joyu pann kaai bolya nahi.
She said – *Tame loko jaat vechva aavya chho, hu tamne salesmanship sikhvaadva aavi chhu.*
Ae diwas pachhi jyaa sudhi graduate thayaa tyaa sudhi aemna lectures ma koi pann vidyaarthi masti nahi karta.
Eg: during Navratri, when boy/girl comes late at night and mom sees you & then in front of you looks at the wall clock.
She doesn’t speak & get angry but her actions convey you the message.
*Unspoken words – message convey thai jaai chhe.*
Aankho na ishaara thi.
Aene non-violent communication kehvaai chhe.
Message is conveyed.
*Totdo hoi ae disability chhe.
Tochhdu bole ae pann disability chhe.*
If I don’t receive humiliation then it does not make you angry OR make you feel humiliated.
Eg: Bernard Shaw.
An opposite person crossing Bernard Shaw looked at him & said *I don’t give way to rascals, but Bernard Shaw replied to him but I give.*
Eg: Gandhiji during his South Africa days.
They use to tell him you ass, you donkey.
He never budged, then they physically disturbed him.
Then he said very effectively without getting angry – *Neither I am an assistant nor a donkey, I am in between the two.*
Banne jann ubha thai ne chaalya gaya.
Je loko barabar saambhle chhe ae loko aagal vadhe chhe.
Good writers – Good readers….!!
Good orators – Good listeners….!!
*Saambhalta saambhalta ghanu badhu knowledge ma le chhe.*
Effective public speaking skills aavadta hoi pann ghare communicate karta na aavadtu hoi.
How to start, when to start.. ae khabar j na pade.
*Listening ability – develop it, enhance it.*
Saari vyakti chhe aene motivate karvi, demoralise nahi karvaana.
Eg: Foreign countries thi aavta loko they always respect your choice.
Ae loko bohu maatha-kut nahi kare, by asking you why..??
Saara group circle ma pann ghani vaar aavu thatu hoi chhe but you have to take a call.
Koi diwas demoralise nahi thavu, ekla toh ekla ubha rehvu.
Koi pann vyakti ne tease nahi karva.
Saambhalvaani pann ek kshamta joiye.
Tamaari qualities viksit kari ne aagal vadho.
If you hurt someone then you lack basic quality of friendship.
Differentiation & demarcation.
Eg: US company – partnership.
Tamaari spirit hovi joiye. Kyaare pann koi tamaari firki letu hoi.
Koi tamne garam kare tyaare garam thavu aevo kaaydo nathi.
Garam nahi thavaanu, je saaru hoi ae saambhalvaanu ane baaki kharaab hoi aene ignore karo.
Eg: of batsman – not necessary to play all deliveries bowled to him.
He can only play incoming balls & should leave outgoing balls bowled to him then only he can save his wicket.
*Saame waala ni ichha mujab aapne hurt thavu jaruri nathi.*
Eg: when a dog bites then you have to take injection & not do vice-a-versa what the dog did.
1st Observe
2nd Feel
3rd Scrutinize
What we feel is most important in communication.
Eg: of Gurudev’s Vihaar from Surat to Vadodara.
Maanas na jabaan par mithaas hati ae ha ve rahi nathi.
Eg: Swami Vivekananda’s speech – in 1893.
Dodh minute taali padeli aemni speech ma.
“My dear brothers and sisters of America.”
Aemna speech ma power hato. Badha Shanti thi saambhle.
He was asked by someone from crowd to tease him.
3 Examples of him to have confronted very wisely –
1) Indian paagdhi v/s American shoes.
Aemne puchhvaama aavelu – tame jutta toh pehro chho, tyaare aemne saras jawaab aapyo hato.
Hu maathe Bhartiya paagdhi pehru chhu. Aej bataave chhe kayu culture shene laayak chhe. 
2) Bible v/s Bhagvad Geeta.
What is great? Bible or Bhagvad Geeta.
Someone said our Bible see it is at the top of stack of all religious books. Above Bhagvad Geeta, Quraan, etc.
He replied see if I remove Bhagvad Geeta from the bottom then all will come down.
3) Tea cup usage v/s saucer usage.
He was questioned how do you drink tea, use saucer also along with cup.
You spoil cup, saucer & also waste water to clean them.
He countered our Indian culture is different which you can’t even think of, we drink in saucer only & keep extra in cup so that if someone visits us without notice then we can offer the other from cup.
This is our culture in which we think of others as well.
Eg: In social media nowadays, everyone wants comments on everything related to Dharma, not only Jainism but on all dharmas (religions).
Answer by Gurudev – You have to learn to ignore, badhi vastu ma jawaab aapva jaruri nathi.
Knowledge vagar koi pann vastu ma kudi nahi padvu, jovu pade saame kon chhe, aene ketlu knowledge chhe.
*In communication, certain times SILENCE is the best.*
*When mind is open, then only it can work.*
It is like parachute, parachute works only when it is open & not closed.
Eg: of small kid in Home – when it goes near hot vessel, be vaar daajse pachhi aeni aagal jase pann nahi.
Eg: Mom v/s a small kid v/s a relatively new born 1-1.5 year old kid.
*Language + Body language = Communication*
Sorry kevi ri te bolaai – repentance hovu joiye tone ma.
Rudely sorry na bolaai. Nahi toh kaai arth na rahe sorry bolvaano.
Communication ma khaali bolvaanu nahi – aema haav-bhaav ghanaa important chhe.
*Ghani vaar object wise ane Ghani vaar subject wise clarity na hoi.*
*Dear & Deer – bolvaama ek laage pann matlab alag chhe.*
Communication ma clarity joiye.
Human touch gayo.
Loko smashaan ma pann sauda karta hoi, mobile par vaat karta hoi chhe.
Safed kapda kem pehro chho kyaare koi gujri gayu hoi tyaare.
Aenu reason ae chhe ke tame pann ae parivaar na kharaab samay ma saathe sahbhaagi thaao chho.
Eg: of Panyas Shree Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja.
It use to take him 15 mins – to convince people.
Su bhaavdhaara ma lai jaai.
Saahebji paase Rarest of the rare skills hati aemna ma.
Eg: of Bhuvanbhanusurishwerji Maharaja.
Communication skills, conveying power.
Aemni bolvaama internal reflection hoi aemna conversation ma.
Aemna vachan ane tamaara anubhav match thaai.
Vyakti bole aevu jaruri nathi pann vyakti ni peeda bole, vyakti ni disability bole.
Eg: a patient in hospital. 👆
Eg: of Paanjrapole.
How they have continuously every increasing expenditure v/s always less receiving income.
Always in deficit.
Surprise element of PYS session No. 97 –
Superb motivational 7 & a half minute video played on Paanjrapole.
Date – 18th Nov’18.
Venue – MULTI PURPOSE HALL, Opposite Gate No. 3, GMDC Ground, Near Andhajan Mandal Lane, 132 ft Ring Road, Ahmedabad.
*Next PYS sessions* –
PYS Session No. 98 – 18th Nov’2018, Sunday.
PYS Session No. 99 – 9th Dec’2018, Sunday.
PYS Session No. 100 – 23rd Dec’2018, Sunday.
Jainam Jayati Shaashanam..!!
“Yugo Sudhi Jhal Halse BhuvanBhanu Na Ajwaala”
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