Details of Day 1:

01st Feb: Appreciation Day

Appreciation (Anumodna) is a way to boost someone who is going beyond his/her call of duty to do something Good.

On this day, independently or in a group, let us appreciate someone with a gift card of appreciation either physical or through whatsapp.

We can appreciate someone :
1. Who has stood by his/her principals by sacrificing something
2. Who has served elders and/or parents while sacrificing their entertainment
3. Who remained stuck to the ethics and morals even on the most slippery roads
4. Who helps people without anything in return
5. Who spares time and energy for social/religious/national causes
6. Who uses his/her skills to help the society(i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, CA, Architects, Engineers who work for society without any gain)
7. Who have spent decades for maintaining our precious monuments and buildings (i.e. Staff members with 20+ years in one institute)
8. Who stood by us during the most critical times of our lives. (Family members, friends, well wishers, Mentor, teacher)
Let’s Appreciate the Good of others to bring Good in ourselves.

02nd Feb: Kindness Day

Kindness is a virtue of heart that is so precious that eveyone is not privileged to possess.

Let us possess and preserve this virtue by celebrating this day and sensitize ourselves with what other living beings feel.

On this day, let us be kind and distribute food to animals anywhere surrounding you.

You may celebrate this day by:
1. Visiting nearest Panjrapol
2. Grass distribution to the cattle in nearby areas
3. Milk & Roti distribution for dogs and stray animals near your area
4. Feeding Birds in your area
5. By any other way of animal & birds welfare.

You may at least step out of house and serve a roti to an animal to celebrate this day.

Let’s preserve the virtue of Kindness in ourselves.

03rd Feb: Thought Day
We usually come across so many thoughts but some of them are life changing thoughts. Everyone of us have such thoughts that are very special to us.

Thought Day to be celebrated by sharing your most favourite thoughts/quotes that you have experienced in your life. Share the Best thought with everyone along with a small story of how did you experienced that in your life.

By sharing such quotes, we not only promote the content of the quote, but also encouraging a culture of good thoughts around.

You can share the thoughts by:
1. Taking selfie while holding a placard having the quote written on it. Write your incident on how did it help you, in the caption of your social media post.
2. Capturing a video of you narrating the entire incident and sharing the thought with eveyone.
3. Arranging a Thought-a-thon in a group of friends and everyone shares their thoughts with stories turn-by-turn. This way everybody will have a pool of good thoughts.

This event could be life changing one because all you need is a small thought that can wipe out your problems and show you the path forward.

04th Feb: Compassion Day

Compassion is a gesture of sharing someone’s pain and sorrow by helping them.

Let us celebrate this day by distributing food/fruits/clothes/utensils etc to the poor and underprivileged.

You may celebrate this day by:
1. Distributing fruits to the patients of government hospital
2. Distributing clothes and food to the people living in slum areas
3. Distributing educational books and stationery to the poor students who can’t afford that.
4. Asking watchmen, peon, housekeepers, etc staff members, of your college/organisation, if they are in need of any medical support. If yes, collectively everyone may choose to support them.

05th Feb: Gratitude Day

On this day, we will give thanks to everyone who have made us reach where we are today.

Along with our parents and guru, we shall express our gratitude to the one:

1. Who has Helped us during difficult times and pulled us out of trouble
2. Who has taught us something that helped us conquer the challenges in our life
3. Who has spent sleelpess nights to help us without expecting anything in return
4. Who has savcrificed something to help us with something
5. Who has motivated us to do something and we couldn’t have done it without that motivation.
6. Who has supported us when we were dipressed and upset
7. Who has encouraged you to pursue your dreams and coached you on the journey.

It could be anyone, a mentor, a coach, a friend, a colleague, a senior, a boss, a well wisher or a guru, let us express the gratitude on this day.

You can visit him/her personally and express your gratitude. If it’s not possible to visit in person, you may share a picture of yourself with him/her on your social media platforms and share your story of gratitude with everybody.

You can do this activity in a group and share the photographs with a hashtag #pysdays. Also, send the pics to us on +919727267393 (Whatsapp Only).

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