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Shasan Sparshna Shibir 2020

Tapovan, Amiyapur

24th May – 31st May, 2020

Speaker Introduction

Pujya Acharya Udayvallabh Suriji

An inspirational orator with a dynamic personality, he has inspired thousands of youth through his logical teachings.

He is also the pioneer of Perfecting Youth Sessions, a series of seminars on diverse topics aimed at the personal development of the youth. As a sant kavi, his literary creations leave a deep impact on your soul. He’s dedicating the last three decades to selflessly working for Shaasan Seva and Raksha.

He has authored many books, some of which have been translated into multiple languages. Two of them have been recommended by the then CM of Gujarat Shree Narendra Modi in the campaign ‘Vaanche Gujarat.’

His writings have also been included in the curriculum of the Gujarat Government’s Teacher Training program.

Testimonial Video